Bacon Acres Farm

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Registered Tamworth Pigs and Pork

Our Philosophy

Bacon Acres Farm

Bacon Acres Farm of Northeast Oklahoma is a family farm established in 2012 that raises registered Heritage Breed Tamworth pigs. Owners, Bill and Karen Wehlage are members of the Tamworth Association and sell breeder pigs, feeder pigs, butcher pigs and boxed pork products.

Keeping Animals Healthy


The Tamworth Pigs of Bacon Acres Farm enjoy a healthy life. They live on pasture and are seasonally rotated into different paddocks where the pigs are free to enjoy grass, persimmons, acorns and forest mast. They do receive supplemental feed and hay which accounts for 20-40 percent of their caloric intake depending on the season.

Bacon Acres Farm has a closed herd, meaning the farm does not swap animals or allow other animals on site. Replacement sows and boars are exclusively registered Tamworth and follow strict quarantine guidelines prior to joining the herd. Farm workers follow specified bio-security countermeasures to prevent transmission of diseases to animals. Registration certificates are maintained in the farm offices for every breeding animal in the herd and copies are available upon request.

Bacon Acres Farm believes that fresh air, natural environment and low stress are key to keeping animals healthy; therefore they do not use antibiotics or hormones as proactive means of growth and health.  Due to availability issues, the farm uses a non-medicated locally-procured hog ration but has plans to transition into a GMO-Free and Organic ration as suppliers and prices permit.

Above all, the animals of Bacon Acres Farm are kept calm.

Bacon Acres Farm

Workers do not use loud voices or strike animals. Electric prods are never used. Our Tamworth Pigs are migrated when moved rather than chased and allowed to self-load and unload on trailers when required. Piglets are minimally processed and needle teeth are not clipped and tails are not docked. At Bacon Acres Farm, animal quality of life is preferred over rapid growth and great taste over modern refinements. Bacon Acres Farm will keep the Tamworth pig healthy and true to its breed producing superior breeding stock and a fanfare of table pork that is a genuine delicacy.”